New Clinical Consultation Group for People of Color

Clinicians of color have additional stressors as they provide therapeutic supports to their clients and communities. They bear the burden of systemic oppression endured by the clients and themselves. They are subjected to microaggressions in the workplace while often having to literally or culturally translate for the communities they represent forcing them to constantly code switch and adapt. Additionally, they are expected to utilize constructs of "self" and "relationship" within clinical models dominated by and defined by white (usually straight male) individuals. Navigating such environments can take a toll on people of color and their professional development.

Despite these additional stressors, safe space to just "be" and unpack the experience is so difficult to find. This group seeks to create rich clinical dialog that supports the whole person in context of the historical oppressions they face in their day to day work and life. In addition to deep therapeutic exploration, the group will also support the clinician's self preservation in the field and facilitate connection to their own leadership abilities.

Groups will meet 2xs a month for 90 min at a rate of $100 a month. Meetings will be in Berkeley.

Please contact Jennifer Chen Speckman at 424-210-5362 or if you are interested.