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About Jennifer Quan, AMFT


Rooted in social justice and holistic perspectives, I’m passionate about facilitating transformative healing processes and empowering skill-building with people of all ages.


I work with teens, adults, families, couples, and groups striving to experience more connection, balance, and ease in their lives and relationships.

With mindful compassion, I work in ways that are both depth-oriented and practical. We'll cultivate awareness of how your experiences with stress and trauma are getting in the way of feeling truly present and connected with yourself and loved ones. We’ll develop and practice more effective communication, emotional regulation, and self compassion skills to help navigate current challenges with more ease. I am honored to use my training and skills to support you and loved ones move towards more grounding, clarity, and harmonious connections.

I use an anti-oppression lens and integrative approach, including somatic, psychodynamic, attachment-based, and expressive arts practices, to help you access and move what needs to be moved. You can expect me to be warm and curious, honest and engaged, open-minded and deeply affirming. I hold deep appreciation for multicultural experience and identity, and it’s especially meaningful for me to work with people who are marginalized by institutions of power and privilege.

I move through the world as a second generation Chinese American cis woman, empath, life long learner, auntie, evolving spirit, and lover of nature, creative expression, and embodied movement. I believe in the power of empathy, vulnerability, and joy in forging a path towards personal and collective liberation.

Life issues I work with are:

  • Relationship difficulties, often stemming from the impacts of past trauma and abuse 

  • Life transitions (maturing, relationship shifts, school/career changes)

  • Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

  • Depression, grief and loss 

  • Deepening intimacy and communication

  • Confidence and empowerment

  • Identity and cross-cultural exploration

We can’t heal what we
don’t acknowledge,
but acknowledgment can be
painful and takes work,
so we need effective tools
and safe spaces where
all feel welcome.


— Lama Rod Owens


Individual                                                $180.00

(50 Minute Session)


Child/Adolescent                                      $200.00

(50 Minute Session)

Couples and Family                                $240-300.00

(75 Minute Session)



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